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A French family group founded in 1990, IEC (Institut d’Expertise Clinique) is known as one of the world leaders in the field of cosmetic testing. IEC conducts clinical safety and efficacy tests, in vitro tests, sensory analysis studies and consumer tests. These tests are carried out for dermatological and ophthalmological products in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

The safety of the products and the proof of their performance are the objectives that we propose to develop together, to help you to promote them and highlight their effective qualities.

Indeed, more and more consumers are scrutinizing the composition of beauty products in search of safe and effective tested products, relying on information relayed by websites, social networks, magazine publications and other books and, more recently, on cosmetic scan apps.

Depending on their age, values, expectations or possible contraindications, the consumer knowingly chooses the products that suit them, for example cosmetic products that do not contain ingredients to which they could be allergic or intolerant, products adapted to their complexion and skin type (sensitive, oily, atopic), vegan products, organic or natural products etc….

In order to guarantee the reliability, safety and efficacy of your products, our scientific and technical teams as well as our dermatologists and ophthalmologists conduct quality tests with our volunteers. We conduct the clinical analysis of all your tested cosmetics on our panel of volunteers in our modern facilities in France or in our subsidiaries based in Europe, Asia and Africa.

To meet more marketing objectives, IEC also offers consumer tests to collect opinions and comments on your products over a wide panel.

Numerous satisfaction surveys have enabled us to identify our “strengths”:

  • Quality and rigor
  • Speed of execution
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Improvement or development of new techniques
  • Quality/price ratio
  • International opening

    Since 1999, IEC has been pursuing an international development policy by setting up laboratories on 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) in order to best meet the demands of its customers. IEC has thus created 6 subsidiaries that follow and apply the systems implemented by IEC France (quality, software packages, training, organization, functionality of the premises, etc.). With a panel of more than 30,000 volunteers, IEC carries out multicentric clinical studies and offers you many possibilities for tests to be performed on Caucasian, Asian (Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Indian) and African skins.

    You are:

    • A company manufacturing and/or marketing cosmetic products or beauty products of all types (perfumes, skin care, make-up, sun products, hygiene products, dental products, hair products, etc…)
    • A company or laboratory specialized in dermatological or ophthalmic care
    • A company manufacturing raw materials, assets to be sold to companies manufacturing finished cosmetic products
    • A beauty institute or wellness company with its own skincare brand and marketing cosmetic products (including organic or natural cosmetics)
      IEC Group is committed to make every effort to meet your expectations and to conduct your studies according to our high-quality standards.
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