In-Vitro Tests

Our long experience, our specialized team and our know-how in toxicology and pharmacology, allow us to carry out in vitro studies according to high quality standards (In vitro safety studies evaluated in conformity with GLP by the ANSM “Class A” for cosmetics since 2006).

Our activities :



  • Ocular irritation (HET CAM, BCOP, Neutral Red Releasing, Reconstructed Corneal Epithelium, Agarose)
  • Cutaneous irritation (Reconstructed Human Epidermis)
  • Phototoxicity (3T3 NRU, Reconstructed Human Epidermis*)
  • Primary irritation of the mucosa (Reconstructed Human Gingival / Vaginal Epithelium)
  • Regulatory tests according to OECD guidelines (BCOP n° 437, Reconstructed Human Corneal Epithelium n° 492, Cutaneous irritation n° 439, phototoxicity 3T3 NRU n° 432)


  • Depigmenting activity (Melanocytic B16 cell line, Pigmented Reconstructed Human Epidermis)
  • Anti-pollution activity (3T3 Fibroblastic cell line)
  • Anti-oxidante activity (UV exposure, MTT conversion assay)
  • Cell Renewal (cell count, MTT conversion assay)

* Study not GLP 

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In-Vitro Tests